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Airline partners

You can find all relevant contact information below by selecting the flight no. on your ticket.
Exsampel: Your ticket has the flight nr. W2 3902, you then select WOW Air below for there contact details.

Which SERVICE COMPANY / airline are you looking for:



W2 100-199


Sparrow Aviation

W2 300-399


W2 750-759

Myanma Airways

W2 1600-1699


W2 1800-1899

W2 2051-2099

Links Air

W2 2300-2399

Air 100

W2 2400-2499



W2 2800-2899


W2 3000-3999


Melilla Airways

W2 4600-4699

Greenland Express

W2 4800-4899



W2 5310-5399


W2 5400-5499

Snowbird Airlines

W2 5500-5599

VLM Airlines

W2 6100-6149

UM Air

W2 6200-6299

AIS Airlines

W2 6500-6599


W2 7100-7499

BH Air

W2 7500-7599

AIS Airlines

W2 7600-7999


W2 8000-8999

Rhein-Neckar Air

W2 9200-9299

Karinou Airlines

W2 9300-9399

AIS Airlines

W2 9500-9599

Through our airline partners, FlexFlight offers scheduled flights to several destinations worldwide. If you have booked a ticket with FlexFlight, the flight will be operated by one of the airlines above. Flexflight is the Marketing and Validating carrier.


The airline partner is fully in charge of booking, booking changes, refunds, baggage allowance and other practical issues related to your flight.
Please contact the airline directly for support and information. In case the airline partner does not respond to your request you are welcome to contact us directly on the below e-mail or phone for guidance.

Tel: +45 39 56 39 55 Denmark